Water Response Unit

CM Specialist builds Water Response Units for Fire and Rescue Service

The last 5 years have seen an increase in flooding with some of the worse areas hit suffering year after year, and though efforts have been made to reduce the risk of flooding[1] it is also key to have the right rescue equipment for when it does happen.


CM Specialist Vehicles was commissioned to build two Water Response Units on Ford Transit base vehicles. These 4×4 rescue units have capacity for a boat in the back meaning the trained crews can complete dynamic rescues from the water[2] and all the essential emergency electronics including all-side cameras with dash monitor, blue lights and siren. CMSV can also design and integrate bespoke storage systems for emergency equipment on any base vehicle.


With temperatures dropping and more snowfall expected, winter is an especially busy time for all our emergency services[3] including the NHS, Police and Fire & Rescue. Across the three main services there has been a concerted effort to keep the public safe and out of harm’s way throughout winter with the combined campaigns of “Safe4Winter” and “Stay Well”. Whilst these joint campaign help to reduce the number of emergencies, it is equally important that each emergency service has the vehicle ready and available when the need strikes.



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