VW Transporter T6 with functional workspace

The CMSV team recently completed a conversion on a Volkswagen Transporter T6, the customer came to us with a specific requirement and our specialist engineers designed a bespoke solution.


Our client had been using a larger vehicle which they had modified and added to over the years. As the vehicle aged and their requirements changed they came to CMSV for a practical solution. Our challenge was to consolidate and rationalise the vital equipment in to a smaller, new vehicle. Due to our close partnership with Volkswagen, we were able to source the vehicle at a competitive price as part of the One-Stop-Shop service.

The brief was to provide a covert van with a functional workshop area in the rear, we incorporated two work benches including storage and racks to optimise practicality in the limited space. Tracking was used to fix additional passenger seats and a division curtain which means the workspace is not visible through the windows. The curtain also serves to hide the workspace when the van doors are open.

The customer brought along photographs of their retiring vehicle to show our designers what they were currently working with. From this the engineers could determine how best to plan the workshop space in the van. From modifying the height of the desk to altering the lighting placement to protect the vehicles anonymity, the team maintained a close working relationship with the customer throughout the process to ensure the practicality of the vehicle was never compromised.

Speaking of the build process the customer said:

“This was an excellent build by dedicated professionals”

CMSV has a highly trained team with expertise in creating tailored fleet solutions. This particular conversion was a first for our team and we are proud of the completed product. From the design Engineers to the builders the CMSV team is dedicated to producing the best for our customers, whether it is a fleet or one-off vehicle.


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