HCE Group comes to CMSV for Tailored Solution

When HCE group approached CM Specialist Vehicles, their business had grown and so too had the need for a tailored fleet. HCE Group needed a manufacturer they could trust to build discrete, robust and reliable vehicles. Encouraged by CMSV’s history of providing vehicles to the blue light sector and an auspicious first phone call, HCE chose CMSV for their conversion.

From the first instance HCE Group knew what they needed from their vehicles, the spec provided was clear that the vehicles were to be delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard. The original spec was for two vans, each with two cells in the rear. The vehicles were to be procured by the customer and CM Specialist Vehicles would carry out the conversion within 4 weeks.

The Customer was invited to a factory visit where our design engineers realised that the spec had not considered a solution for equipment. The team suggested adding a fixed storage box along with a Koller rail & ratchet straps which would secure tools and reduce the risk of damage.

The factory visit was serendipitous because it also gave HCE Group the opportunity to see the full range of CMSV’s capabilities. This is turn lead to an additional order of a Tool Van. The van houses a lockable tool chest and shelf in the rear, both of which slide out for ease of loading and lock in place for transit.

A representative for HCE Group said:

“From the first phone call and design of the product to completion, the team were very easy to deal with. We had no issues and will be using them again for out next projects.”

With extensive experience providing vehicle conversions in various sectors, our design team have the knowledge and insight to pick and choose aspects from different conversions to create tailored fleet solutions. Even solving problems before they occur.


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