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October 10th

Bright Sparks give power to their future with apprenticeships and CMSV

Automotive Manufacturing in the UK has grown to a 17 year high and one of the best routes in is…...

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September 7th

CM Specialist sign up to DPS

CM Specialist Vehicles (CMSV) is proud to announce that they have been awarded Approved Supplier Status on the Dynamic Purchasing…...

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June 13th

Police Line Up from CM Specialist Vehicles at NAPFM

Another year done for NAPFM and as usual we had a great time seeing you all. This year we took…...

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May 3rd

Excitement Over CMSV’s Diverse Range at CV Show 2017

We can’t believe it’s been a week since the CV Show 2017. We had a great time seeing familiar faces,…...

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March 15th

Will VED Changes Encourage The Move To Electric?

Businesses are already under pressure to adopt low emission vehicles – will the new changes to VED (Vehicle Excise Duty)…...

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October 24th

NAPFM Compliant PPC Cell

Our design & engineering team have worked incredibly hard to develop a robust cell construction that is compliant with NAPFM…...

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fleet conference guide 2016 featured image
December 17th

Fleet Conferences, Exhibitions & Events Guide 2016

fleet conference guide 2016 featured image

Fleet conferences, exhibitions and events are one of the many perks to the fleet management role. They might not be…...

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firefighter and paramedic
November 23rd

What do you get if you cross a Fire Fighter with a Paramedic?

firefighter and paramedic

No, the title to this article isn’t the opening line of a terrible joke. In fact, it’s a legitimate question.…...

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